MegaMan NT Warrior Pajamas

Price: $8.99

Condition: New (With Tags)

Notes: Boy’s Size 4T

It’s too bad they never really had these when I was a kid.  Behold, MegaMan NT Warrior pajamas!  For a fairly cheap price, you can bid on pajamas for your collection (unless you actually can fit in them…).  These were pajamas that were released in the US back when MegaMan Nt Warrior was still on the air.  Anyways, you can purchase these pajamas here.

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Rockman 1 Set of Five Coins

Price: 3000 Yen ($33.71)

Condition: Used

Notes: Only available for a limited time (Six days from this post)

This is one of the only Rockman items I have had trouble recognizing or even finding any information for it.  This is a set of five coins from the original Rockman, featuring one for Gutsman, Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Bombman, and Elecman.  What these were used for is unknown to me.  Were these coins used for some game as tokens?  The seller of the item does not even know, but assures the item is very old.  But whatever they are, they are an incredibly rare collector’s item, and should not be passed up for the limited amount of time the auction is up for.  Purchase the item here. If anyone knows anything about the item, please enlighten the community.

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Megaman X and Zero Custom Perler Bead Sprites

Price: $6.00

Condition: New

Notes: Free Shipping

Price: $8.00

Condition: New

Notes: Free Shipping

Today’s auction features two items that are custom created.   Handmade sprites of X and Zero out of perler beads, both for under the price of 10 bucks!  These items are hard to make, nonetheless hard to find the perfect materials to make them with.  They make for a cool collectors item, so why not make the jump for one?  For the laziness in all of us, you can buy the completed sprites here (for the X beads) and here (for the Zero beads).

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Rockman Exe 6 DX Edition

Price: $69.99

Condition: Brand New

Notes: Free shipping

Here’s a Deluxe package you may not have ever heard of.  The Rockman Exe 6 DX package includes the game (In this case, Falzer version), an exclusive “Hikari” Beast Link Gate, and five battle chips, all in a sweet box.  Not only is the item a steal for $69.99, but it’s incredibly rare, as it was only sold for a limited time on E-Capcom.  It’s only a matter of time before this auction is long past gone, so hurry up and purchase it here.

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MegaMan Playstation Game Lot

Price: $99.99

Condition: Used

Notes: Booklets and Case included.  Legends 1 is not black labeled.

Trying to collect every single MegaMan game?  Are you especially having difficulty tracking down MegaMan Legends 2 for a great price in a good condition?  Well, now you can do just that, while at the same time, buying all of the other MegaMan PS1 titles at once!  This lot of games has a fantastic price point, especially when MegaMan Legends 2 easily goes for  over 40 bucks on Ebay by itself.  If you want the auction, you may want to hurry and catch it before the item is sold here.

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Rockman Exe Stream Production Sketches

Price: 8000 Yen ($89.89)

Condition: Not stated, but it shouldn’t be in horrible condition

Notes: N/A

Today’s auction is a fairly awesome item from the Rockman Exe series.  This auction is for production sketches of various characters in the Rockman Exe series that appeared in Rockman Exe Stream.  For about 90 bucks, production sketches make for great collector’s items!  Purchase this awesome rarity here.

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Rockman 20th Anniversary Gold Statue

Price: 8500 Yen ($95.51)

Condition: New

Notes: Made from Copper

Up for auction today is a new Rockman 20th Anniversary Gold Statue.  The statue is made from real metal, and was given out in limited quanities back during MegaMan’s 20th Anniversary.  Finding either version of the statue (Either this version or the silver version) nowadays is a fairly rare sight, especially you can spot one for under $100 dollars.  If you want such an incredible statue, make the jump here.

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